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Palm Beach is an epitome of beauty, splendor, glitz and glamour. Despite the pleasant aura Palm Beach emanates, we, at Boca Raton Water Damage, know that with it comes at a price – a price that every resident has paid for when disaster strikes the region. Its progress has been repeatedly ruptured by unexpected events, owing to the area’s affinity for flooding and storm surges. Andrew, Frances, Jeanne, Wilma, Isaac, Irma – to an outsider, these might be nothing more than names, but to a resident of Palm Beach, these names strike fear. When these hurricanes struck, homes were flooded; people lived without power for days and had limited access to food/water. Time and again, events like these have turned people’s lives upside down, but the county has managed through wade through it all on all occasions.

How the region preps for the inevitable?

Like all communities in South Florida, Palm Beach too is vulnerable to disaster – there’s no refuting that fact. That’s why the region has been proactive in strengthening its ability to handle disasters. The county was one of the first jurisdictions in Florida to develop a PDRP (Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan) in 1996.

After extensive research, using lessons learnt from previous disasters and information gathered from various sources, a more robust and action-oriented countywide PDRP was established in 2006. With several supportive schemes, the county has evolved to an extent where it can now handle disasters of any scale and help its residents recover quickly from the aftermath

Prepared for everything: Boca Raton Water Damage

Boca Raton Water Damage Boca Raton, FL 561-295-4531While the authorities handle one half of the process; providing relief materials, restoring power, fixing damage, removing debris from the streets, lending emergency support, among others, there’s still one half of the process left undone. That’s where we come in! In the wake of a natural disaster, you might find stagnant water in your home, damaged structures, ruined furniture and other items, and may also uncover mold growth. If not checked at the right time, the situation can only worsen. We, however, can put it all back together. With massive trucks stocked with necessary equipment, we’re prepared for the inevitable at all times, and will reach you within 30 minutes of dialing 561-295-4531 all across Palm Beach.

A fire or flood might catch you unawares! You might not be prepared for it – but remember, we always are!

We serve the following cities:

Boca Raton, FL, Boynton Beach, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, FL, North Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL, West Palm Beach, FL

The services we provide:

Fire damage: After a fire, the smoke and soot continue to damage your property. We deploy advanced techniques to remediate the damage, clean the property thoroughly and eliminate toxic odors.

Water/Flood damage: Be it an intrusion of rainwater or a pipe burst, water damage can deal a massive blow to the very structure of the property. We can effectively extract water and dry it all up.

Mold remediation: When mold attacks your property, it can quickly deteriorate building materials and also impose health hazards. We use EPA-approved methods to eliminate it.

Leak detection: If there’s a hidden leak somewhere that’s blowing up your water bills, trust our experts to figure out its location using thermal imaging cameras and acoustic sensors.

Reconstruction/remodeling: Does a part of your property need to be rebuilt after flood/fire? Are you looking to revamp your home? We can handle it all!

Fire, flood or mold, we have the solution. Save our number 561-295-4531!